Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Bathroom Etiquette

The Leopard thinks you can learn alot about a person by the way they handle themselves in a public bathroom. Case in point: do they wash their hands? Do they "primp" in front of mirror? Do they flush? It can really change your opinion of someone you thought you knew.

The men's restrooms in an office where I once worked was actually very well kept up by the custodial staff. So I really felt for them when I saw how inconsiderate some people could be.

It was common, for example, to see a toilet unflushed and splashed with urine. I had to have a brief mental battle with myself just to sit on one, no matter how meticulously I'd attempted to clean it first. I had a whole ritual: flush several times, wipe off with paper towels, wash hands profusely; lay sheets of toilet paper on seat; cringe.

I don't know who these people are that are so slovenly. I'd thought I left them all behind in the fifth grade.
One day, I was speaking with a colleague who was using a stall as I washed my hands. After he was done, he came over to me near the sink where I was standing. We spoke for a few more moments. Then, he left. I had this queasy feeling when I realized he hadn't washed his hands. This was a gentleman that I have always liked and respected. Obviously, it will be tough not to think twice the next time he puts his hand out for me to shake it.
Another time I entered a toilet after a co-worker I knew left , and he had stuffed so much toilet paper in the bowl that when I attempted to flush it, I caused a small flood.

By the way, rumor had it the main bathroom in the office is a great place to catch some Z's during the day. Snores coming from a stall were regularly reported.

The Leopard is no Felix Unger. I've been known to leave dirty laundry on the floor a little too long, or to go to bed leaving the dishes in the sink, but I never would have imagined the world held so many Oscar Madisons.

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