Saturday, January 22, 2011

Drat Rats

It's impossible to use the New York City subway system and not encounter big, ugly, scary rats. In fact, they've become such a fixture in everyday city life that you only wonder about them if you don't see them.

The Leopard was waiting for the #2 train late the other night around 12:00am at the 157th street station in Harlem where it was relatively quiet and when the rat population is happiest. After the last train departed the station, they came out in droves - momma rats and baby rats,  daddies and Big Daddies, who came into the light to show off their dirty little pink tails. 

New Yorkers being what they are, tons of discarded food wrappers litter the tracks, and that's like a banquet to a rat. Imagine being brought a fancy gourmet meal to your door every night.  That's why these critters ain't going anywhere.

This hairy brood have become as much a tourist attraction these days as the naked cowboy is on Times Square.