Friday, April 8, 2011

She Kills

The Leopard first became aware of the exciting rock vocalist Alison Mosshart in the video "Treat Me Like Your Mother",  an early single from the band The Dead Weather.

In the video Mosshart, in a weathered black leather motorcycle jacket and dark aviators brandishes a machine gun while advancing towards band mate Jack White in a barren field. She savagely fires at him while White fires back with a matching weapon in a weird game of "chicken".  By the end of this volatile mini-epic, both end up riddled with bullets.

There was something about the swagger of this woman, the precise growl of her singing and the way her long dark hair covers most of her surprisingly soft features that intrigued me. I downloaded the album the single came from,  Horehound,  immediately.

The Dead Weather's music, a thrilling retro mixture of garage rock, both funky and fuzzy, is a loud treat to the ears, especially on their even better second CD, Sea Of Cowards.  Mr. White sticks to the drums and vocals on these efforts, but you don't miss his striking innovative guitar work from The White Stripes. when he and and Ms. Mosshart sing, or more accurately, scream together, they share a wonderful combustible energy.

Link to Dead Weather video "Just Like Your Mother".