Sunday, January 18, 2009

Buy My T-shirt & Save The World While You're At It.

In two days, We will have a new president. In the past, this type of revelation has not meant much to The Leopard. Yes, I have always done my civic duty and voted. But in the end, Democrat or Republican, the final outcome seemed to affect me very little. I have thought of the Presidency as the very epitome of bureaucracy. Something that I contribute to in a small way but don't expect to benefit from.

In this past election, for the first time, I felt like my vote mattered; and that for the first time who is in the White House matters; and that person might just in some significant way make a difference in my day-to- day life.

I have never in my wildest dreams ever thought in my lifetime that a person of color would make that hallowed ground of white superiority their home; I have never felt so proud of this country than when I realized that despite all the racism and outrageous injustices I have witnessed in this life, the good people of the USA bonded together for the greater good.

Which brings me to my T-shirt (lousy segue way, I know) I wanted to contribute something fun in some small way. I designed a T-shirt. Wanna end all the world's problems? Let's all wear cool Obama T-shirts.

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