Monday, April 20, 2015

Big Joe Temperley

Years ago, from the day The leopard started work at Jazz At Lincoln Center, The great baritone saxophonist Joe Temperley, part of the seminal Jazz At Lincoln Center Orchestra led by Wynton Marsalis - was incredibly nice and friendly to me at all times - a real gentleman. This is the year of his 85th birthday.True story: one of the official sponsors at JALC was Brooks Brothers, who would provide the suits to the band members. Each year new outfits were provided and sometimes the musician's used outfits were offered to staff. Joe and I wore the same shoe size, so I would get these beautiful Brooks Brothers black dress shoes that Joe had worn the year before.Years later, every time I'd see Joe on the street, I'd have to say, "remember me, Joe? I'm the guy who walked in your shoes!"