Sunday, July 22, 2012

Louis CK is my God

One of the happiest discoveries The Leopard has had in the last few months is the work of the brilliant comedian  Louis C.K. Rarely have I been as excited to see a television show. Why? Because it's funny? Hell's yes. Because it's smart? Hell's yes. Because it's the most wildly innovative show on the tube?  A Hell's yes and (as Louis himself might have it) a big "Fuck yeah"! to that, too.

Mr. CK is the only true auteur on the idiot box these days. Writing, starring and directing and sometimes even editing every episode himself.  The result? A personal vision that is enlightening while also unfailingly entertaining.

Louis plays himself, a moderately successful comedian, father of two daughters, and a lonely guy looking for love. But mostly he's unabashedly a flawed, funny human being. Lord knows we need more of them.

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