Monday, June 21, 2010

Mad At Madoff

The Leopard doesn’t like to stand in judgment of others.  Since there always seems to mitigating circumstances for most people’s actions, I don’t like, for that reason, to assume I know what may have led to what might seem to most of us as heinous acts.

Having said that, I became fascinated recently with the case of Bernie Madoff, the Wall Street entrepreneur who in 2009 went to jail for masterminding a Ponzi scheme that relieved thousand of clients of over reportedly billions of dollars.

I've read many newspaper and magazine articles and one book, Madoff With The Money, which chronicles the infamous rise and fall of this horrendous hooligan, who committed the worst swindle in the history of this country in a massive Ponzi scheme that went on literally for decades. He and his wife Ruth drove around in Bentleys, owned villas, million dollar-plus apartments all over the world and a private jet - all from misappropriated funds from stock accounts owned by celebrities such as Elie Wiesel and Steven Spielberg, hundreds of charitable organizations, and the life savings of some of his own family members. Despite being Jewish, Madoff is as close to a financial Hitler as there ever was.

Unfortunately, this guy can't literally be put to death for his greedy, selfish crimes. But justice was done. He's in jail, serving a life sentence. Where once ate at the finest restaurants and wore and $7000 , he's lucky now in his orange jumpsuit to get extra mustard on his baloney sandwich in the Supermax cafeteria. For a guy like him, that's worse than death.  

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