Monday, August 25, 2008

8 things I love about Mad Men

1. The period detail: Everything looks right: The authentic looking 60's sets, production design, and props are perfectly realized.
2. The acting: Every actor on the show from walk-ons to the main characters, are top notch, and utterly convincing.
3. The costumes: They're almost characters in themselves. The wonderful ad-man flannel suits and the form fitting vintage dresses.
4. The writing: Fluid, straightforward, smart. Episodic, but avoids soap opera conventions.
5. The drinking: One of the funniest show elements is no matter where the characters are, in a bar, at work, in a restaurant, or at home, someone always seems to have a drink in their hand.
6. The smoking: almost as often as the drinking, someone is always seen lighting up.
7. The hair: From Don Draper's unnaturally perfect jet black locks to Joan's Lucy Ricardo red coif.
8. The comfort: Of cuddling with my girlfriend on a late night watching our favorite show.

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