Monday, June 30, 2008

Summer In New York part 1

The Leopard finds that he spends most of his time in the Chelsea area of Manhattan these days. Yesterday was the Gay Pride Parade and the neighborhood was alive with the sights and sounds of everybody's favorite alternative lifestyle.

It simply wasn't the place to be if you don't like being checked out from head to toe. But if you don't care a wit because like the leopard, you're comfortable in your manhood, there's much to be seen everywhere. Young men with carefully cultivated hard bodies on the make; comparing abs, and shorts shorter than I've seen since the 1970's NBA.

I was returning a DVD at the Blockbuster on 20th and 8th when I saw a young man dressed only in what looked like an impossibly tight speedo standing outside the American Apparel, giving out leaflets for the store. two young Latino girls, presumably from another part of town, stepped up to him, oohing and ahhing, reached out and felt his privates in broad daylight. His reaction was only a slight smirk.

This scene seemed to shock no one, and I suddenly felt old.

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Anonymous said...

you just wanted the hot latina girls to touch your privates.